northern lights

Floating like a dream cloud above the lake, drifting in and out of sight, forty miles above us, watching the northern lights. In the true northern darkness, far from the sleeping towns, we lay there in silence, young and free, half asleep, spellbound, we were watching the northern lights.

~ Barenaked Ladies, Song Entitled Watching The Northern Lights

Photo Courtesy of Randy Spinney Photography, Northern Lights in SaskatchewanI have been obsessed with seeing the northern lights ever since I moved to Manitoba. They can frequently be viewed here, which is something that only happens once in a very rare moment in Nova Scotia, and never on the same magnificent level as in Manitoba. My husband routinely works nights and every couple of months he will phone me exclaiming "Run outside right now! The northern lights are out! You might get to see them! Hurry!". I quickly run out the door and start walking around staring at the sky, crossing my fingers that tonight will be the night. It is always too late. They are always gone. I missed my chance. Until tonight. Tonight I actually saw them and they were every bit as magnificent as I had imagined. They started out pretty dim, a pale green, little straight light beams pointing towards the stars. Then all of a sudden the sky lit up super bright and hues of red filled the sky. They danced and faded from pale red to bright red, then changed back to pale green then to bright green. They were everywhere, nature's own light show and it was brilliant. It is simply amazing that something so powerful happens naturally in our sky. I feel completely at peace now. This is a night I will never forget. Thank you Manitoba for having such a great viewing point for the northern lights. It was a very special moment.  

Photo Courtesy of Randy Spinney Photography, Northern Lights in Saskatchewan

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