rossman yurts

Yurt: A circular domed dwelling that is portable and self supporting; originally used by nomadic Mongol and Turkic people of Inner Asia.  Also referred to as a Mongolian GER (pronounced "gair" and rhymes with air).  Yurt is an acronym for Year-round Universal Recreation Tent. 

Recently I had the opportunity to visit one of Manitoba's coolest attractions - Rossman Yurts, located on Rossman Lake in Rossburn, Manitoba.  The yurt is amazing, cozy and very comfortable!  It is available to rent anytime of the year as it is fully winterized. 


The property is equipped with a six person outdoor hot tub, portable toilet, peddle boat, dock, deck with bbq, picnic table, and fire pit and wood, all overlooking the beautiful lake.  There is a pay shower at a campgrounds just down the street, and I believe the owners hope to install a bathroom on the yurt property in the future.  There is a golf course within walking distance.  One of the owners is a certified life coach and coaching sessions can be arranged if you are interested. 


The inside of the yurt is equipped with a queen size bed, futon, cot, wood stove, electricity and heaters, tv and dvd player, small fridge, microwave, basic kitchen utensils and hot plates, table and chairs.  There are many windows, including a skylight in the middle of the yurt ceiling.  It is decorated in a very primitive, simple yet beautiful way.  It is an amazing way to camp and reconnect with nature and the simple life.




I completely recommend checking out the Rossman Yurts as it is a fantastic, unique, Manitoba attraction.  I was only able to stay one night but I am definitely planning on returning in the near future!


Traditional Yurt Etiquette:  If anyone stops outside your yurt, invite them in for a meal.  When entering the yurt it is considered impolite to step on the threshold or to hold onto the ropes.  Traditional greeting offered by the visitors consists of four questions - Are you well?  Is your family well?  Are your cattle/sheep fat?  Is the grass good?  The answer to each of these questions is yes, whatever the reality.  Guests are offered tea, followed by vodka (three glasses must be drank in rapid succession) and then yogurt.  Men exchange snuff. 

Traditional Yurt Rules:  All weapons should be left outside.  Do not step on the threshold.  Do not point your feet.  Do not put rubbish in the fire.  Do not whistle.  Do not write in red pen.  Do not step over old people.  Do not point a knife at anyone.  One should take a little of any food or drink offered.  When offered vodka flick a small amount to the sky, the wind and the earth before drinking. 

Rossman Yurts: Mark & Thomasina Charney, Box 122 Rossburn, MB  R0J 1V0, Telephone 204-859-2885, Cell 204-859-0212, e-mail,