I absolutely love discussing regional dialects and slang words.  Manitoba is full of them.  One distinct Manitoban word that I have heard many times this spring is "booter".  I have never heard this word used anywhere other than Manitoba. 

Booter: Manitoba slang for getting water in your boots. Example: I was so busy sandbagging I didn't watch where I was stepping and the next thing I knew I had a couple of booters.

The term "booter" is used so often in the spring in Manitoba that it almost feels like you can't call yourself a Manitoban until you have experienced a booter for yourself.  Kind of like a rite of passage.

Recently I went fishing with my husband and almost had my first ever Manitoba "booter" experience.  I thought it was a small shallow puddle.  I decided to walk through the puddle to avoid the tall grass and ticks.  It turned out to be a big massive hole filled with mud and water.  I ended up stuck. Every time I tried to lift my rubber boots up I would sink deeper and deeper.  In the end my husband had to help pull me out, and I was spared my first Manitoba booter experience.  I must admit, a small part of me wanted to experience a booter, because then I would know I had truly become a Manitoban and crossed the rite of passage.  There is always next year!