she's called nova scotia

She grows on you slowly the first time you meet, there's just so much beauty the heart can believe, and you want to stay longer and she's ever so pleased, you're one of the many who don't want to leave. So walk through her green fields, go down to the sea, the fortune in your eyes is more like a dream, she's called Nova Scotia and she so makes you feel, you discovered a treasure no other has seen.
~ She's Called Nova Scotia by Rita MacNeil, Nova Scotia Folk Singer

It won't be long and I'll be heading home to Nova Scotia for my yearly visit and vacation.  I always try to maximize my vacation to Nova Scotia and see as many people and places as possible.  It can be difficult to fit it all in, there is just so many people to see and so many things I want to do. 

fishing shack, photo courtesy of my momI am very excited to see my family, friends, and all my favourite landmarks and scenic places.  I can already taste the salt air on my lips, and can smell the seafood cooking.  I can't wait to watch the Bay of Fundy crash against the rocks, to visit Peggy's Cove, and to drive across the "old bridge" from Halifax to the Darkside.  I am looking forward to eating hodge podge and fresh Annapolis Valley fruits, and garlic fingers and deep fried pepperoni.  I can't wait to dig in the bins at Frenchy's.  I am looking forward to speaking in my east coast accent and nobody will think I'm weird.  I'm already singing Joel Plaskett and Matt Mays tunes, and I am already smiling about the fun conversations I will have with family and friends and laugh about inside jokes from many years ago.  I'm excited to share a few Keith's with people that agree he was such a great brew master that they made him mayor.  My vacation home will soon be here and I feel like a kid at Christmas.  I simply can't wait to be home for a visit. 

Have you always wanted to visit Nova Scotia but can't find the money or time in your budget?  Check out the website Nova Scotia Webcams.  This site is amazing and has so many great webcams that highlight some of the great views Nova Scotia has to offer.  But I warn you - if you spend too much time looking at the webcams I can guarantee if won't be long and you'll be purchasing a plane ticket to visit Nova Scotia for yourself.  You won't regret it. 

See you soon Nova Scotia! I have truly missed you and I can't wait to see you again!