manitoba swag: home decor edition

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. ~ Jane Austen

When I first moved to Manitoba I did not have any friends in the province. As I adjusted to my new prairie life I started to reach out and attempt to create new friendships. One of those new friendships was with a great woman named Leanne. Leanne is originally from Alberta but relocated to Manitoba around the same time I did. Over coffee, lunches, and laughter we bonded. We would often discuss our Manitoba lives and the adjustments we made in our new province. One of our favourite topics was home decor as Leanne was studying to be a professional interior decorator and I am always looking for new ideas for my home. I have since relocated to a different area of Manitoba and am unable to see Leanne as often as I would like, however our friendship continues, and I know she will be part of my life for many years to come.

Recently Leanne started her own company called Sweet Lime Home Design. Her company specializes in providing consultation and home design options to people living in rural Manitoba, particularly in southwestern Manitoba, but also offers e-decorating services to anyone in other parts of Manitoba and Canada. Leanne is able to work with clients to create any style of home decor, including paint options and decorating techniques for any budget, style or inspiration. I am very pleased to partner with Leanne to bring you this blog post centered around Manitoba inspired home decor.

Since moving to Manitoba in 2007 I have been a strong advocate in showcasing my Manitoba pride. This does not mean that I hang Manitoba flags all over my house or that I serve bison at every meal. Rather it is more subtle, such as choosing Manitoba products, promoting attractions within the perimeters of Manitoba, and by working hints of Manitoba inspiration into my home decor, such as a beautiful Manitoba map watercolour print I have proudly on display in my living room.

I challenged my friend Leanne to create a home decor design plan centred around a Manitoba theme, one that would bring subtle elements of the province into the home in a soft and chic way. I envisioned elements such as Manitoba colours and landscape, Manitoba provincial items such as the provincial bird, flower, or tree. My goal in asking Leanne to create a Manitoba home decor theme was to inspire my blog readers to find a way to incorporate just one or two Manitoba inspired items into their own home decor to show off their own Manitoba pride.  Leanne did an amazing job and her design plan is set out below for you to enjoy.

Manitoba Inspired Room

With the exception of Winnipeg (and a few smaller cities), Manitoba is primarily a rural province. It is characterized by rolling fields of grain in the south and forests, the Canadian Shield and tundra throughout the east, southeast and into the north.

My goal for this room was to bring natural elements indoors. I also wanted to incorporate hits of red and gold to add warmth to the room. Warmth that is needed during our chilly winter months. I based the colour scheme off the colours in the Manitoba Tartan which is described and available for purchase at

Dark Red Squares: for the Red River Settlement (1812) and for the fur trade posts from which developed many of Manitoba's urban centres.
Green Squares: for the rich natural resources of the Province - farm lands, forests, minerals, fisheries and water power.
Azure Blue Lines: for Thomas Douglas, Fifth Earl of Selkirk, founder of the Red River Settlement (Winnipeg); and where the blue lines intersect the forks of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, site of the first permanent settlement.
Dark Green Lines: for the men and women of many races who have enriched the life of the province.
Golden Lines: for the grain crops and farm produce which comprise a large segment of the province's economy.
White Squares: in the ''DRESS'' tartan for Manitoba's winter snows.

Rural photography, by Winnipeg photographer, Carla Dyck, brings the warmth and colour of the summer and fall months into the room year-round, and offers another reference point for the lively accents in the room.

1. Blue Diamond Scroll Rug, ($399.95), Pier One Imports
2. Levanger Mirror, ($99.00), IKEA
3. Riverbrook Home ‘Natural Elements Stream’ Grommet Panel Curtains, ($29.99),
4. Timber End Table, ($299.99), Urban Barn
5. Stockholm Sofa (3 ½ seat)in Gammelbo Light Brown, ($1399.00), IKEA
6. Forest of White Tree Trunks Photo, 12x18, ($60.00), by Carla Dyck on
7. Amber Fields and Turquoise Sky Photo, 8x12, ($35.00) by Carla Dyck on
8. Embroidered Chevron Linen Pillow, 20x20, ($44.50), Indigo
9. Mustard and Natural Deer Pillow, 14x14, ($39.00), regansbrain on
10. Chrome-Plated Table Lamp, ($99.99),
11. Cambria Blue Throw, ($49.59),
12. Arvika Swivel Armchair in Grann Brown, ($599.99), IKEA
13. Owl Statue, ($89.00), Urban Barn
14. Byholma Basket in Gray, ($5.99), IKEA
15. Timber Coffee Table, ($599.00), Urban Barn
16. Morkt Lantern in Blue-Gray, ($6.99), IKEA

Benjamin Moore Paint Colours (from the top): Amsterdam (AF-550), Eternity (AF-695), Sundial (CC-400), Cloud White (CC-40), Hampshire Taupe (990), Poppy (1315)

Etsy is a treasure trove of unique, handmade items to suit any decorative preference. Each décor item below has a connection to Manitoba. The items marked with a * are made by Manitoba sellers. The others, such as #1 and #6 are made with Manitoba in mind.

1. Manitoba Love Customizable Art Print, ($16.32 CAD), mereleemade at
2. Buck Wall Art, ($30.59 CAD), regansbrain at
3. *Crib Zig Zag Quilt, ($94.00 CAD), Coffee Bean Quilts at
4. *Set of 3 Photos, 8x10, ($12.24), Umbrella Kids at
5. Birch Coasters, ($16.32 CAD), Vermont Branch Company at
6. Winnipeg City Skyline Poster, 8x10, ($20.40), Bugsy & Sprite at
7. *Bluebone Wood Ring, ($81.58), Endeavours at
8. *Embroidered Scroll Work Art (Framed), ($58.13 CAD), Nisseworks at
9. *Wheat Field Photo, ($20.40 CAD), Crystal Gayle Photo at
10. *Buck in Snowy Woodlands Photo, 12x18, ($35.69 CAD), Carla Dyck at

Each of the items can be added to your home to add a touch of Manitoba to any room. For the eclectic decorator the Buck Wall Art would be perfect among a collection of photos on an accent wall. For the mom-to-be, the modern, handmade quilt by Coffee Bean Quilts would make a great jumping off point for the colour scheme of a nursery. The transitional nature of the Embroidered Scroll Work Art makes it perfect for any space or style of home. Although the Bluebone Wood Ring isn’t technically a home decor item, it is definitely one of the most unique Manitoba items I found and certainly adds a degree of Manitoba swag and would pair nicely in your Manitoba inspired room or could possibly be used as a napkin ring in your kitchen or dining room. 

For more information on Leanne Groening and Sweet Lime Home Design please visit her at