I want to ride my bicycle

Whoever invented the bicycle deserves the thanks of humanity. ~ Lord Charles Beresford

As we biked down the main street on the seven seater round conference bicycle I suddenly felt the urge to start singing "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike" by the band Queen. The residents of Dauphin, Manitoba were already staring and waving anyways, so I figured what would a few more stares and waves matter! But between all the pedaling and laughing I couldn't quite muster up the courage to start belting out the tune.

Tourism Dauphin had invited me to attend a day of exploring the city. BCRobyn was in town - a blogger touring around the Province of Manitoba in conjunction with Travel Manitoba - and Tourism Dauphin had arranged a small group of locals and some unique experiences to introduce her to the City of Dauphin. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the locals. The plan was we would show BCRobyn around the community on the new seven seater conference bicycle, nicknamed Cubi, which is owned by Catalyst Credit Union (formerly known as Dauphin Plains Credit Union). Cubi is one of only two seven seater conference bicycles in Canada and simply riding this bike is an adventure all on its own.

As we pulled up to the Credit Union and got our first glimpse of Cubi, the very special bike, we immediately began to laugh. The whole concept of a conference bike is both complete genius and complete hilarity. It makes you want to jump right on and take it out for a spin.

Cubi, The Seven Seater Conference BicycleWe spent all afternoon peddling and laughing, waving to people, and stopping to explore and tour some neat, local Dauphin attractions. We toured the Watson Art Centre and received a glimpse into the local art and music scene. We hand cranked our own homemade ice cream at Fort Dauphin Museum, and enjoyed it while sitting amongst the historic buildings and artifacts. We learned about local Ukrainian culture and sang Silent Night in the balcony of the beautiful Historic Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection (the acoustics are amazing!). We giggled when we got the bike stuck on the railway tracks as we paused to glance towards Baldy Mountain, the highest point in Manitoba. We cheered as I sampled borscht for the first time at a Ukrainian dinner in the basement of a church (best soup I've ever eaten!). Heck, we even ran into the Premier of Manitoba, Greg Selinger, who too was amazed and bewildered by the seven seater conference bike and proceeded to jump right on and join us for a quick spin right there in the parking lot.

Artifacts at Fort Dauphin Museum

Ceiling of The Historic Ukrainian Catholic Church Of The Resurrection

My First Ever Borscht Experience! Delicious!As our bicycle trip drew to an end I felt proud, thankful, and happy. Proud to live in the Parkland area of Manitoba, thankful for the opportunity to explore some great Dauphin attractions with a great group of people, and happy to have the experience of cruising on Cubi, the seven seater conference bike. The little voice in my head just can't stop singing "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike". I think it is time to dust off my own personal bicycle built for one and head out for another Dauphin bicycle adventure very soon.

For more information on Cubi, the seven seater conference bicycle, as well as local Dauphin attractions please visit Tourism Dauphin at http://www.tourismdauphin.ca/.

For more information on BCRobyn, a blogger who is touring Manitoba this summer in conjunction with Travel Manitoba, please visit http://www.bcrobyn.com/.