Beep Drink

what the beep?!?!?

Beep: A sweet sugary drink that was introduced in the 1960s that combines orange juice, apple juice, apricot juice and prune juice. It is famous for creating strong nostalgic feelings for many people. Over time it has been discontinued and not available for purchase.

Beep. Just the word sends visions of elementary school lunch hour to my brain. I remember I could purchase a small carton for 25 cents back in the 1980s in rural Nova Scotia lunch rooms. All the kids drank it. Parents didn't seem to care that it was basically pure sugar. It was cheap and good and we drank that stuff up every day. Eventually though it was discontinued. Until now. Farmers Dairy in Nova Scotia has brought it back for a limited time only in Nova Scotia. It is causing quite the stir and is flying off the shelves. It has inspired facebook pages, photos, news casts, and has also lead to exciting recipes in Nova Scotia restaurants such as Beep Cheesecake, Beep Slushies and Beep focused alcoholic drinks.

Recently I had the opportunity to leave Manitoba and return home to Nova Scotia for a three week vacation. I knew Beep was going on my must do list while I was home. I just couldn't resist it and it did not disappoint. It was as good as it was in my childhood, although it did cost more than 25 cents. Right now Nova Scotia is the only place in the world where you can buy Beep. I wonder if Beep was popular in Manitoba? Do Manitobans have the same connection to Beep as Nova Scotians? Could Beep make a comeback in Manitoba too? I know I would love to see it available in Manitoba!