Boston Christmas Tree

tragic moment in history

There are moments when you have to just walk away and cry. ~ Lou Angeli

On this day in 1917 my favourite city, Halifax, was rocked with devastation, the world's largest man-made accidental explosion.  Two ships collided in the harbour.  One was carrying war time explosives and exploded shooting debris over the city, fires, and a tsunami. Today I am taking a moment to reflect on this tragic event - 9000 wounded, 2000 dead, buildings completely destroyed. The worst man-made explosion ever, before the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.  I spent many years working in downtown Halifax near the harbour and every year on December 6th I would look around and try to imagine the horror and devastation that must have been felt by the city that day in that very area.  The city was in a massive state of emergency.  It didn't help that the next day a blizzard came and dropped 40 centimetres of snow.  Rescuers were sent from many places to assist in the aftermath, including Boston.  Nova Scotians are still grateful for Boston's help and send the city a large Christmas tree every year as a thank you.  Other parts of Nova Scotia, even hours away, felt the explosion, dishes clattered, windows rattled. It was a sad, sad day in Nova Scotia history and forever changed the city and the residents of Halifax.  If you would like to learn more about the Halifax Explosion please visit the Nova Scotia Government Website.