Canadian Museum For Human Rights

rights around us

To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity. ~ Nelson Mandela

What does "human rights" mean to you? My gut reaction was freedom for all. Others suggested equality. This was the opening discussion by the guides on the Rights Around Us Tour as we started in the lobby of the Via Rail train station in downtown Winnipeg. As a self-proclaimed feminist with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Social Anthropology, my interest in taking this tour surrounding the soon-to-be-opened Canadian Museum For Human Rights was very high, although it became quite clear this tour would appeal to anyone. I had heard about the museum and admired the interesting architecture but was quite surprised to learn this was the first national museum to be built outside of our nation's capital. Winnipeg is one lucky city and Winnipeggers should be excited for this museum to open!

The tour was a mixture of skits, interesting facts about the museum, and explanation regarding the symbolism of the building design. As we walked through the train station and The Forks we got to gaze at the museum still under construction. The combination of skits, open discussions and lectures, and the amusing use of a train whistle by conductor Javier made this tour an enjoyable and educational time and proved to be a great way to spend an afternoon for everyone. The tour certainly builds excitement as the city prepares for the Canadian Museum For Human Rights opening in 2014. I can't wait to visit the Canadian Museum For Human Rights when it opens!

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