Haunted Fort Garry Hotel

ghost stories

Halloween is here! Time to eat lots of minature chocolate bars, dress up, and tell ghost stories. Two favourite ghost stories come to mind immediately - one from my home province of Nova Scotia and one from my new province of Manitoba.

Nova Scotia has many ghost stories, but my favourite is the story about Penelope.  In 1996 I was a frosh at Dalhousie University.  Being a young, naive, country girl I decided the best way to adapt to city living was to move into residence at Dal.  I chose to live in Shirreff Hall.  Shirreff Hall was divided into wings, New Eddy, Old Eddy and Newcombe.  I was assigned to New Eddy.  It wasn't long after moving into Shirreff Hall that the rumours of a ghost began.  As the story goes and was relayed to me, back in the 1920s a young woman named Penelope hung herself on the fourth floor of Old Eddy because she was heartbroken.  Apparently her ghost has been haunting the residence every since.  I was lucky, I never had any direct contact with Penelope, but I did know a few ladies who lived in Old Eddy that did have the misfortune of seeing her ghost.  Curtains would mysteriously blow in the wind even though the window was closed, shadows would appear in hallways, people would have chills when they were alone in their room, ladies would awake to a figure at the end of the bed.  Is the story true?  I have no idea, but I do know I never ever allowed myself to walk around the halls of Old Eddy alone just to be on the safe side, I did not want to take the chance of meeting Penelope!  For more information on Penelope, the ghost of Shirreff Hall, please visit the Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada website.

Manitoba has many ghost stories too.  The story that I have heard the most often since moving here is that the historic Fort Garry Hotel in downtown Winnipeg is haunted.  The story goes that a woman hung herself in room 202 after hearing the tragic news that her husband had just died.  Many people report seeing shadows and feeling weird things and seeing blood trickling down the walls in this room.  If you want to investigate this yourself then check in at the Fort Garry Hotel and request room 202.  I know that I'm not brave enough! For more information on the ghost of Fort Garry Hotel please visit the Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada website.

What is your favourite Manitoba or Nova Scotia ghost story and why?