Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

rise & shine

If you're going to rise, you might as well shine. ~ Unknown

I thought summer was over in Manitoba. I turned on the heat, I put away my shorts. I dug out my warm quilts and stocked up on my favourite autumn teas. I had accepted the fact that the cooler weather was here to stay. Then out of the blue the temperature soared, the sun shined, and Manitoba was granted a glorious gift of one more summery weekend. What a magnificent weekend it was!

My husband and I made plans to head to Winnipeg to stroll through one of our favourite Winnipeg attractions, Assiniboine Park. With bellies full of delicious Stella’s breakfast, we spent the morning wandering through the various gardens, basking in the sun, enjoying the fall colours. There is something very soothing about how the light reflects off the calm park scenery in the warm fall air. I felt compelled to capture it the best I could as we meandered through the park, with the intention to revisit these photos this winter when I need a pick-me-up. So when I complain about the cold, ice, and darkness of challenging Manitoba winters in the new year, please remind me to think about this remarkable walk in the park to help inject a little bit of sunshine and warmth back into my heart and soul.

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