Moody Manitoba Morning

moody manitoba morning

It's a moody Manitoba morning, nothing's really happening, it never does. Just got up and waited for the mailman to bring me a letter that never was.  I'm not sad or happy, just living day by day. It's a moody Manitoba morning, and I like it that way. ~ The Bells, Song Entitled Moody Manitoba Morning

Recently one of my blog readers informed me of another Manitoba song called "Moody Manitoba Morning" from the late 60s or early 70s by a group called The Bells.  Today was the perfect morning to listen to it.  I just returned from a hectic (but awesome!) vacation in Las Vegas and am still recovering from all the walking and excitement and I could use a quiet song playing in the background while I go through all my Vegas photos (800+!) this afternoon. Today it is cool, there is some snow on the ground, ice on the streets.  The sky is grey.  I woke up late and decided I really don't have much on the go today so I went up to the post office to see if any of my online Christmas shopping had arrived.  No such luck.  So here I sit looking at my photos from my crazy week in Vegas, with the song playing in the background.  Not happy not sad, just sitting here quietly enjoying the moment on this cool, grey, quiet morning.  It really is a moody Manitoba morning.