Newfoundland and Labrador tourism commercial

it is manitoba's time

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, contributing billions of dollars to economies worldwide.  Tourism is also an effective tool to build hometown pride by allowing people the opportunity to show off their unique attractions and feel good about their communities and province.  Without a doubt, tourism plays an important factor into Manitoba's economic stability.  Do you feel Manitoba is doing a good job in marketing?  Take a look at their current campaign.

Although these videos are somewhat interesting and catchy, they do not create a strong feeling or desire.  They do not make me sit up and take notice and want to run out and make plans to visit these attractions.  If they were playing on the television while I was cooking supper I wouldn't even bat an eye or look up from the stove.  This is completely the opposite to Newfoundland and Labrador which is currently running some of the best tourism commercials I have ever seen.

Newfoundland and Labrador focuses on the uniqueness in a very specific style - attempting to capture the feelings you will experience in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Their commercials awake a desire for something different, something that most of us are searching for amongst our crazy, hectic lives.  They are not promoting a specific attraction, or trying to cram a whole bunch of information and ideas down your throat in only a few seconds, but rather promoting a vacation lifestyle and feeling.  It works.  I have never been to Newfoundland and Labrador but after seeing their commercials I want to book a vacation and go capture those moments for myself.  They are amazing commercials because they haven't even really shown me much in the way of attractions and events, but rather just shown me a glimpse of the feelings I will experience by simply stepping foot on their province. 

I think Manitoba could take a similar approach and be very effective.  There are unique views and feelings here as well.  I picture a couple holding hands driving in an old farm truck through fields of flax, canola and sunflowers - shot from an aerial view which would make you feel the freedom of the wide open spaces all over Manitoba.  I picture a group of aboriginal women all working on mukluks with traditional aboriginal music playing in the background providing the sense of culture and strong ties to the land.  I picture birds chirping while a young boy reels in a huge fish with the assistance from his father and then cooks it over an open fire, allowing you to feel the beauty of Manitoba lakes and increasing your desire to explore.  I picture soft music and less talking spread over a longer commercial segment with only one specific Manitoba idea or attraction at a time.  I picture a Manitoba commercial that makes me want to jump up and book a flight immediately to discover Manitoba for myself.  It can be done. 

Instead of thinking "It's Manitoba Time" why not think "It is Manitoba's Time"?  Stand up and be proud and show the rest of the world how it feels to experience Manitoba.  There is no need to compete with other destinations.  Show off the uniqueness in a way that creates feelings and desires.  Show the world why Manitoba is beautiful and unique and make them feel why Manitoba is the place they want to visit.

If you were in charge of a Manitoba commercial what would you choose to showcase and why?