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nova scotia bucket list

Ever since I saw the movie The Bucket List I have wanted to sit down and make one. It just seems like a good idea, a way to keep focussed on seeing and doing all the neat things you have piled into your mind but never actually get around to trying. I have an outline for a large bucket list floating in my head - things like visit Greece, learn to play the guitar, make a quilt by hand, and see Madonna in concert to name a few - but I have never actually written it out. Recently I decided it was time to get this bucket list more organized. When I sat down to process it I discovered it might make more sense to create a few lists - one for things I want to do in Nova Scotia when I am home on vacation, one for things I want to see and do while living in Manitoba, and a general world list for other travel and experiences. I thought my readers might enjoy seeing my Nova Scotia and Manitoba lists and hope that they might encourage you to get out and explore these two provinces more.

I thought making my Nova Scotia bucket list would be difficult. I lived in Nova Scotia for 27 years and was very lucky in that I travelled around and explored a lot of the typical Nova Scotia touristy things. I have visited most of the Nova Scotia touristy communities, I have been to neat places like The Ovens and The Cabot Trail, I have taken neat tours such as the Harbour Hopper, and I have done crazy adventures such as tidal bore rafting. After researching and reflecting on Nova Scotia things I realized I still have many things and places left to explore - the Nova Scotia opportunities are endless. I decided to restrict my first Nova Scotia bucket list to 25 items to make it more attainable.

1.  Theodore Tugboat - I have seen Theodore Tugboat sitting in Halifax Harbour many times. I spent years working downtown on the waterfront and routinely walked by him but I have never taken a ride. For information on taking a ride on Theodore Tugboat click here.

2.  Trout Point Lodge - This is a beautiful, rustic lodge located near Yarmouth that offers cooking classes as part of their charm. I have always wanted to go spend a couple nights here and take part in a cooking adventure. For more information on Trout Point Lodge click here.

3.  Isle Haute - This is an island out in the Bay of Fundy just off of Harbourville, which is a small fishing village on the north mountain in the Annapolis Valley. I grew up just minutes from Harbourville and have always admired Isle Haute out in the Bay my entire life. I want to hire a local fisherman to take me out to Isle Haute to explore. For more information on Isle Haute click here.

4.  Fortress of Louisbourg - I have been to Cape Breton but have never had the opportunity to go visit Louisbourg, one of the oldest fortresses in Canada. For more information on Fortress Louisbourg click here.

5.  Pumpkin Regatta - I want to see this unique event held in Windsor, which is home of the gigantic pumpkins. You hollow out a gigantic pumpkin and paddle across the lake while sitting inside the pumpkin. For more information on the Pumpkin Regatta click here.

6. Faerie Cottages - I first heard about these cottages last year. They are actually quite close to my family home in the Annapolis Valley but I have never taken a drive to see them. They were built in the 1930s by Charles MacDonald using concrete, which was quite experimental at the time. For more information on the Faerie Cottages click here.

7.  Cape Chignecto Park - I want to take a kayaking trip around Cape Chignecto Park which is located near Advocate Harbour. I want to do the fundy explorer kayaking trip to see the Three Sisters and then eat supper at the Wild Caraway Restaurant. For more information on the kayak trip click here. For more information on Wild Caraway Restaurant click here.

8.  Cape Sable Island - This is a small island near Barrington Passage, and is known as the lobster capital of Nova Scotia. Part of my father's side of the family was born and raised on Cape Sable Island and I want to go and explore this part of my family's roots. The island is home to many fishing boats and beautiful sandy beaches. For more information on Cape Sable Island click here.

9.  Wharf Rat Rally - My husband and I love a great ride on our motorcycle. I have always wanted to attend a motorcycle rally and I think the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby, which is the largest motorcycle rally in Atlantic Canada, would be a wonderful experience. For more information on the Wharf Rat Rally click here.

10. Ziplining at Martock - I have been skiing at Ski Martock a few times but I recently heard there is now ziplining and rope course located at Ski Martock. Sounds like a great time to me. For more information click here.

11.  Not Since Moses Run - Last year I ran my first 5k race. Now I want to run this unique Nova Scotia one. When the tide of the Bay of Fundy goes out the bottom of the ocean is exposed - beautiful red mud. This 5k race is on the red mud at low tide. It looks like an amazing, dirty, fun time. For more information click here.

12.  Farmers Golf - I first heard about this last summer. It is a golf course set up at Hennigar's Farm near Wolfville. It is a relaxed funny golf game that takes place within a farm. Fun and affordable and a neat way to explore a working farm. For more information click here.

13. U-Pick Flowers - I have been to many fruit and veggie u-picks in Nova Scotia but I have never been to a flower u-pick. I understand that Noggins Farm in the Annapolis Valley now operates a u-pick flowers where you walk amongst the flowers and create your own bouquet. Sounds pretty neat. For more information click here.

14.  Winery Tour - I have been to a few wineries in Nova Scotia but I have never been on a winery tour. Domaine de Grand Pre is my favourite winery in Nova Scotia and I intend to take a tour of the winery. For more information click here.

15.  Train Station - In Tatamagouche there is a train that has been converted into a restaurant and hotel. Sounds pretty neat to me. I want to check it out. For more information click here.

16.  Bluenose II - The Bluenose is the famous sailing ship on our dime. I have seen it a few times but have never had the opportunity to take a ride on it. It is currently undergoing a restoration project and public cruises are not available until 2013. Once they resume I plan to take a cruise. For more information click here.

17.  Halifax Seaport Farmers Market - I have been to many farmers markets but I have yet to explore the new Halifax Seaport Farmers Market. I have heard many great things about it and can't wait to see it for myself. For more information click here.

18.  George's Island - This is a small island located in the middle of Halifax Harbour. I have been to McNab's Island which is close by but have never had the opportunity to visit George's Island. It has been named a national historic site but is not currently open to the public. There are plans to open it up soon and I can't wait to explore it. For more information click here.

19.  Balancing Rock - This is a unique large rock that appears to be balancing upright. It is located near Digby. It looks like a really fun day trip and hike. I can't believe I have never been there. For more information on the balancing rock click here.

20.  The Dingle Tower - I have admired this tower from afar many times but I have never made the trip to see it up close and to enjoy the hiking trails around the tower. For more information on the Dingle Tower click here.

21.  Tour A Mine - I want to visit the Cape Breton Miners' Museum and take a mine tour. This tour is especially interesting because the tour guides are all actual miners. For more information click here.

22.  Seaside Shanty Restaurant - This is a small restaurant located in beautiful Chester Basin. According to a friend of mine it has the best seafood chowder and blueberry grunt. Sounds like a great day trip to me. For more information on Seaside Shanty click here.

23.  Economy Falls - I have many friends that have hiked to see the beautiful Economy Falls. I think it would be a wonderful hiking trip. For more information on the Economy Falls click here.

24.  Masstown Market - I have driven through Masstown but have never been to the Masstown Market. Multiple friends have told me I need to check it out. For more information click here.

25.  Mersey River Chalets - I have visited the Mersey River Chalets website many times and have often thought it would be a nice place to spend a relaxing weekend. I would love to spend a night in one of their tipis. For more information click here.

So there you have it - these are the types of things I will be doing on my upcoming Nova Scotia vacations. What is on your Nova Scotia bucket list?