OPI Canadian Collection

mauving to manitoba

Spring is here and that means it is time to dig out the sandals! Every girl knows that sandals = pedicure.  The best part of a pedicure is picking out a bright, fun colour to paint your toes.  Recently I heard about a nail polish colour called "Mauving to Manitoba" and I knew I absolutely must have it for my polish collection. 

Four years ago my husband and I decided to pack up and leave Nova Scotia and move to Manitoba.  Before our big move I would run into friends and they would ask me what is new with us.  I routinely could be heard replying "We are moving to Manitoba".  That is why the nail polish colour "Mauving to Manitoba" was a must-have for my pedicures this spring - it brought back memories of our road trip across the country and the excitement of starting a new adventure. 

Mauving to Manitoba is part of the OPI Canadian Collection.  OPI makes professional nail lacquers and in my opinion they are the best on the market.  The always name their colours cute, fun names and part of their appeal is seeing what funny name is out for the season.  The polish goes on smooth, dries fast, no clumps, and you can get away with only one coat.  Mauving to Manitoba is a must-have for anyone who has experienced the journey of moving to Manitoba. The purple-pink colour is super cute too and looks great with sandals. 

Happy spring!