Winnipeg buttons

confusion corner

I love online shopping.  I love buying locally made products.  One of my favourite online shopping sites is Etsy, a website where you can purchase handmade items from around the world. 

Recently I searched Etsy for the word Winnipeg hoping some vendors and items made in Winnipeg would pop up.  I was in luck - there are tons! I stumbled upon one vendor named thegoblincave who makes buttons.  A huge smile appeared on my face when I discovered his collection of Winnipeg buttons for sale at a very reasonable price (with taxes and shipping it came to $3.60). 

One button is a no mosquito button (Manitoba is infamous for the amount of mosquitoes), one simply states I love Winnipeg, another says 204 (which is the area code for Manitoba), and the fourth one is my favourite of the bunch - it is a map of a famous intersection in Winnipeg locals refer to as Confusion Corner.

I have seen my fair share of messed up roads and intersections.  Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia is full of them - five corners, Exit 0, an overpass to no where, and a busy commercial road that suddenly turns into a no-access highway with no real warning.  I have never seen something as screwed up as Confusion Corner.  Wikipedia describes Confusion Corner as "infamous for being complex and difficult for unfamiliar or distracted drivers to navigate correctly".  I completely agree.

I remember the first time my husband and I drove through Confusion Corner.  We had no warning about what it was or how to navigate it.  Luckily we made it through with no problems, thanks mostly in part to the fact it was an early Sunday morning and there was no one else in the intersection.  We avoid it now.  I am sure there are many Peggers that drive through it every day, but for a tourist or a Manitoban who lives in the country it can live up to its nickname and be quite confusing.  I guess it is just one of the quirky things that Manitobans smile about.  Perhaps Confusion Corner is another rite of passage to becoming a true Manitoban.  You know you are from Manitoba when you can successfully drive through Confusion Corner without having an accident, road rage or fear!