Winnipeg food scene

food for thought

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Two weeks ago I would never have labelled the City of Winnipeg as a foodie hot spot. I always knew there were great restaurants in Winnipeg, but I never pegged the city as a place food lovers would flock to as a vacation destination. After my recent trip to Winnipeg I have a whole new perspective. I was only in Winnipeg for 48 hours but managed to eat at 12 different restaurants! I swear I gained at least 10 pounds along with my whole new appreciation for the food scene in Winnipeg!

Devour The District

Good food, good people, and one great city is simply the best way to sum up this amazing three hour guided food tour through the Exchange District of Winnipeg. Our guide shared interesting facts about the beautiful buildings as we walked from each of the six restaurants that formed this foodie tour. Over delicious food such as tourtiere at the Peasant Cookery, and spicy sausage and peppers at Hermanos, we laughed and chatted with fellow Manitobans and discussed everything from motorcycles to art. We drank wine and devoured dessert at Brooklyn‘s Bistro. We split pizzas at Corrientes, fumbled with our chopsticks while eating delicious sushi at Blufish, and sipped on cocktails at Carnaval while sampling imperial cookies from Cake-ology. Every single thing on this tour was perfection. The guide was excellent, the food was so freaking delicious, and  the company was fun, upbeat and really showcased friendly Manitobans. I would return for this food tour time and time again. This tour was an absolute perfect way to start off my love affair with Winnipeg, and is great for locals and visitors alike.

For more information on Devour The District click here.

Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe

As I walked towards the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe I admired the intricate details of the old buildings that lined the street and I watched as adjacent shop owners swept their sidewalks in the warm morning sun. It felt like a perfect little neighborhood and a great place to pop in to a cafe for breakfast. Once inside I watched as journalists filmed some type of newscast.  As someone who has an interest in local news and writing, the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe really appealed to me. With items such as Winkler ham, Bothwell Cheese, and free range eggs on the menu, all set against the backdrop of newsroom setting, it was a great experience, a nice hearty breakfast, and I will definitely return.

For more information on Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe click here.

Deseo Bistro

Are you looking for a perfect date night in Winnipeg? Deseo Bistro is the place. With interesting items on the menu such as rabbit ravioli, sweet breads, as well as new takes on classics such as mac and cheese, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this dining experience. The decor is comfortable yet classy, sleek yet homey, and the service was top-notch. We started with the black truffle gnocchi which was a delectable combination of black boar bacon, black quinoa, black garlic and the most perfect little potato pillows of gnocchi I have ever tasted. I chose the arctic char for my entree, and my husband chose the lobster, bacon, and brandy spaghetti. Both were excellent. Dessert was saffron creme brulee and it was certainly a sweet note to end our meal. Deseo Bistro was recently listed as #38 on Vacay’s Top 50 Restaurants in Canada, the only restaurant located in Manitoba to make the list, so if you are near The Peg you really should go check this place out! It was one of the best meals I have eaten in Manitoba since moving here six years ago. I am still thinking about that amazing gnocchi, it was seriously that good.

For more information on Deseo Bistro click here.

Fergies Fish ’n Chips

I am from Nova Scotia, known internationally for their seafood. I grew up eating seafood quite regularly and have fond memories of stopping to buy fresh seafood directly from the fisherman on the side of the road. I am a pretty harsh judge when it comes to fish and chips. Growing up fish and chips was always made with haddock. Since moving to rural Manitoba my eyes have slowly opened up to another fish and chips option - pickerel - also referred to as walleye. The pickerel fish and chips at Fergies Fish 'n Chips from The Forks Market was just as good as any haddock fish and chips from back home. Dare I say - at the risk of alienating my east coast family and friends - it might have even been better than some of the fish and chips from back home! It comes rolled up in paper and stuffed to the gills with fries. With a nice breaded coating,  not too thick and not too dry, the fish was fantastic. The fries were plentiful and were generous for the price. Fergies Fish 'n Chips is now my go to place for good, quality fish and chips in Winnipeg.

For more information on Fergies Fish 'n Chips click here.

Stella’s Cafe and Bakery

For years now I have been curious about iconic Stella’s Cafe and Bakery. It has been referred to as the best breakfast in Winnipeg by many people, and it did not disappoint. I had a tough time deciding on what to order as twitter friends suggested I should try the Mexican breakfast, the french toast, the smoked salmon eggs benedict, and the breakfast sandwich. One Manitoban on the Devour The District Tour adamantly insisted if I go to Stella’s I simply must must must eat the blueberry pancakes, claiming they were the best in the world. In the end I decided on the buttermilk pancakes with eggs and bacon, and a nice steaming hot chai latte. I also purchased a jar of their berry jam as souvenir and I must admit it is so good the jar is almost gone - I have been eating it on toast every single morning! So if you haven’t been to Stella’s GO NOW! You will love it! It is the perfect spot to meet friends for a nice relaxing weekend breakfast. 

For more information on Stella's Cafe and Bakery click here.

Tall Grass Bakery

Saskatoon berry and rhubarb pie? Yum, yes please! I am still thinking about this piece of pie one week later. The crust was perfect. The berries were juicy. The price was right. What more can you possibly ask for? If you are visiting The Forks make sure you pop on over to Tall Grass Bakery in The Forks Market and sample their baked goods. Take it one step further and go have yourself a little picnic by the river, you won’t be disappointed!

For more information on Tall Grass Bakery click here.


After doing some window shopping in Osborne Village I headed over to Unburger to chow down. The menu specializes in natural, local, tasty and fresh burgers. It definitely delivered on all accounts. The restaurant is a fun and funky casual spot where everything seems clean and inviting. I ordered the Blueberry Yum Yum Burger, a delicious yet messy concoction of blueberry barbeque sauce, goat cheese, balsamic onions, lettuce, tomato and herb mayo. I went with the traditional bun and chose the local chicken as my meat. OMG this was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. I really enjoyed the addition of blueberries and goat cheese, it took the burger to a whole other world and experience. I sat there and licked my fingers as I polished off this burger, determined to enjoy every single drop of the blueberry barbeque sauce. Next time I will choose to add the sweet yam fries to my order as well as the table beside me seemed to love them.

For more information on Unburger click here.

Which restaurants in Winnipeg are your favorites? If you knew a foodie was planning a trip to Winnipeg  what restaurants/food trucks/take out locations would you insist they try while in the city? Please share your thoughts and help guide folks to their next Winnipeg food adventure!