favourite things about Manitoba

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Recently Twitter was described to me as a virtual cocktail party with strangers. I thought this was an interesting analogy and somewhat accurate. I like how you can just throw a question out there to the Twitterverse and suddenly you can be flooded with answers and opinions, similar to a cocktail party.

Over the last couple of days I asked two questions about Manitoba on Twitter, I was just curious to see what types of answers I would receive. I thought my blog readers might like to weigh in on the questions and answers too.

My Question: Hey Manitobans, what is your favourite thing about Manitoba?

Various Answers By Various Tweeters: I am terrified of hills. The now leaving sign. My family, also the Exchange District and its flourishing arts culture scene. Unpretentious, friendly. If you love Manitoba then you always have a difficult time articulating why. The land, it’s pretty amazing. The abundance of nature so close to civilization. The big, open sky. Prairie sunsets. The relatively cheap cost of living. If you get a good job here, and budget carefully, you can be financially secure and have a good disposable income here. The cabin life. Big skies. Fresh berries and local produce. The DIY aesthetic and activist history. Variety: we have prairie, boreal and deciduous forest, small ponds, big lakes, desert, hills, coastline, marshes, cities. The sunshine, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Fort Whyte Alive, the Canadian Shield and Experience Manitoba! It’s a short drive to Saskatchewan! The fact that it never changes. Wide open spaces/skies, affordable, friendly, equidistant to both coasts for cost friendly vacations, politically balanced. The Narcisse Snake Pits. Big sky! Seeing it through my rear view mirror, after this winter. Socials - you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone - I’ve had to explain them over and over again now that I live in Saskatchewan! The sky. The lakes and rocky out crops on those lakes around Flin Flon, oh and the fishing there. Lots of really good music being made.

My Question: Manitobans - on the flip side of the discussion - what is your least liked thing about Manitoba?

Various Answers By Various Tweeters: No 3G in Churchill, a town that receives more international tourists than any other in the province! That not enough Manitobans spend any real length of time living elsewhere in their lives - creates a real myopic society. No Beep - how to improve: import Beep! Racism (particularly against Aboriginal folk), small dreams, fear of the unknown. Widespread apathy and a lack of places to buy slim-fit shirts. The shocking poverty and social ills. Manitoba can be a very insular place, very provincial in its ways. Reality-averse. Mosquitoes. Racism. Snow on April 7. “Perimeteritis” drives me up the wall. Endless winters. The Premier. Perimeteritis. Sadly most will flock to Grand Forks three times a year but never visit Brandon, Dauphin, Churchill etc. I am not a fan of MTS’ cell monopoly - means my national carrier IPhone 5 is a virtual brick in Manitoba - it’s a safety concern in 2013. The weather, definitely. Winter. Tax hikes on fundamentally essential items like gas as a result of the high spending problem this NDP government has. Weather. Sorry, there really isn’t anything that I don’t like about Manitoba.

So what do you think of the answers that I received? Agree? Disagree? How would you answer my questions about Manitoba?