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living childfree

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with a fellow Canadian blogger who runs the blog Living D.I.N.K. We have both been nominated for the 2012 Canadian Weblog Awards and it has been very fun to explore new blogs and connect with other bloggers. The Living D.I.N.K. blog caught my attention immediately as I am a woman who has chosen to be childfree for life. Part of the Living D.I.N.K. blog is a living childfree series where the blogger, Yael, interviews other childfree people on their experiences of being childfree. I am one of the childfree people who has been interviewed and I invite you to pop on over to Living D.I.N.K. and check out my interview. To see my interview please click here. There is also the opportunity for you to take part in the living childfree series on Living D.I.N.K. should you also be living childfree. I encourage you to check out the blog and to contact Yael if you are interested in being interviewed. It was a fun experience and I hope it sheds some light on the topic and reasons for choosing to live childfree.