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Recently I shared with you my Nova Scotia bucket list. I decided it was time to finally finish my Manitoba bucket list and share it with you too.

Creating this list was very difficult. I have already experienced many interesting Manitoba attractions and locations over the last five years since moving to Manitoba. I have camped in a yurt and have hiked the desert. I have done the river tour at The Forks. I have climbed to the top of Baldy Mountain and the Turtle's Back. I have crossed the Souris Swinging Bridge and have jumped the international line at the Peace Gardens. I have experienced the wonderful community of Wasagaming and explored Fort Whyte Alive. I have learned how to make perogies and drive through Confusion Corner. I went to my first ever Winnipeg Jets game and I have been to the Assiniboine Zoo. But experiencing these things already is not what made making my Manitoba bucket list difficult. In fact it is the opposite, there are so many things I have yet to explore and see in Manitoba and it was difficult to restrict my list to only my top 25 items. I hope you enjoy it!

1.  Churchill - I think Churchill is probably the most common Manitoba bucket list item for many people. The community intrigues me - isolated, eco-friendly, whales, polar bears and dog sledding. Sounds extremely interesting. The top two activities I want to experience in Churchill is seeing polar bears and dog sledding. The cost of visiting Churchill is high, but I am determined to visit. For more information on Churchill click here.

2.  Supper In The Field - This is an outdoor event held in a tent in Riding Mountain National Park usually in August. It is a large feast to celebrate Manitoban food and a tribute to the classic Manitoba fall supper. Local chefs prepare a wonderful meal and there is music and beautiful scenery. Sounds like a great way to spend an evening. For more information click here.

3.  Narcisse Snake Dens - This is where you can view a huge concentration of red-sided garter snakes in the spring and fall. Thousands of snakes gather in these dens, and it is considered a wonderful nature viewing area. For more information on the Narcisse Snake Dens click here.

4.  Falcon Trail Resort Eco Cottages - Recently I heard about Falcon Trails Resort in the Whiteshell area of the province. They have created these wonderful eco-friendly luxury cabins and I want to check them out. You hike into the cabin and the cabins are completely environmentally safe and have beautiful views. Eco-friendly, secluded, beautiful lake and views, what more can you ask for in a cabin? For more information click here.

5.  Grand Beach - Grand Beach has been ranked amongst the top 10 beaches in the world! How can I not check this out?!?!? For more information click here.

6.  Manitoba Dollhouse - I first heard about this neat art attraction on Pinterest and it sparked my curiosity. Basically an artist took an old abandoned farmhouse and turned it into a life size dollhouse near the community of Sinclair. I contacted the local town office and found out it still exists. It is located at Road 167W and 39N (PTH no. 2). For more information click here.

7.  Constance Popp, Chocolatier - I don't remember where I first heard about this local chocolatier, but I knew immediately that I wanted to visit her shop in Winnipeg. The chocolates I want to try the most are the Manitobar - which is a chocolate shaped like the province and made with local ingredients, and the Manitoba Birch Bark - which was made using a mould from a local piece of birch bark and then local birch syrup is mixed with chocolate to create the bar. Sounds heavenly. For more information click here.

8.  Skate At The Forks - I have been to The Forks many times but I have not gone skating on the 1.2 km trail along the rivers. I want to see and experience the unique artistic warming huts and feel the cold "Winterpeg" air on my face as I whiz along on my skates. For more information click here.

9.  Ziplining The Pembina Valley - I heard about Hywire Zipline Adventures a couple of years ago but I haven't been able to make it there yet. I can't think of a better way to view the Pembina Valley then by ziplining down the mountain! For more information click here.

10.  Attend A Pow Wow - I want to experience a pow wow and I have chosen one - the International Pow Wow Competition at the Manito Ahbee Festival in Winnipeg which is held in early November. This festival celebrates Aboriginal music, arts, culture and heritage. It sounds like a wonderful experience. For more information click here.

11.  Saskatoon Berries - I have fallen in love with this popular Manitoba grown berry. I want to pick some for myself and make my first ever Saskatoon Berry Pie. I have a few friends who have them growing near their house so I might pick them there, or I will go to a local u-pick. For more information on u-picks in Manitoba click here.

12.  Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Game - I have never attended a football game. Ever. Why not make my first football experience a Winnipeg Blue Bombers game? For more information click here.

13.  Prairie Dog Central Train Ride - All aboard! How about a ride on a vintage steam train filled with entertainment and beautiful scenery? Yes please! Sounds very interesting and a fun way to spend a day with family and friends. For more information click here.

14.  Grey Owl's Cabin - I have been to Riding Mountain National Park many times. In fact I consider it my favourite place in Manitoba so far. One thing I have not done yet is the hike to Grey Owl's cabin. Grey Owl was a trapper turned conservationist and once worked in Riding Mountain National Park. His cabin remains and it is about a five hour hike return trip to reach his cabin. For more information click here.

15.  Salisbury House & Bridge Drive In: A Classic Winnipeg Meal - Two Winnipeg staples for food are the Salisbury House (known as Sal's to locals) and the Bridge Drive In (known as BDI to locals). Salisbury House has been around for years and is currently owned by musician Burton Cummings. They are famous for their "nips" which are basically hamburgers. For more information on Salisbury House click here. Bridge Drive In has also been around for years and is a classic outdoor ice cream parlour which claims to have the creamiest shakes in town. They also have interesting ice cream treats such as the Sleeping Beauty (half a pineapple hollowed out and filled with soft ice cream, strawberry and cherry topping and pieces of pineapple), the Goog Special (blueberry ice cream shake topped with banana, hot fudge, more ice cream, peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry), and the Cantaberry (half a cantaloupe filled with ice cream). For more information click here. A nip at Sal's followed by a treat at the BDI sounds like a perfect Winnipeg meal to me!

16.  Frog Follies - The Canadian National Frog Jumping Championship is held in St. Pierre Jolys every year at the Frog Follies Festival. Here you can catch and race your own frog! This I've got to see! For more information click here.

17.  Gimli - Gimli has intrigued me for the last five years but I have never taken the time to check it out. It is home to the largest Icelandic ancestry population outside of Iceland. It has many commercial fishing boats and is home to Crown Royal. It has a film festival and an Icelandic Festival. It is a well known tourist and cottage area. It looks like a beautiful community and worth the drive. For more information click here.

18.  Manitoba Museum & Planetarium - This is the largest heritage centre in Manitoba and has interesting displays such as a full size replica ship the Nonsuch, as well as a recreated Winnipeg Street from the 1920s, and a virtual underwater observatory from 450 million years ago. I think it would be a great way to understand the history of this province. There is also a planetarium onsite. I have never been to a planetarium so I definitely want to check it out too. For more information click here.

19.  Lower Fort Garry Ghost Tour - Lower Fort Garry is North America's only restored fort from the fur trade era. It is brought to life by actors and presentations to transport you back in time. In October it hosts candlelit walking tours - it is one of the most haunted places in all of Manitoba! Sounds a bit scary, but also fun! For more information click here.

20.  Witch's Hut At Kildonan Park - A friendly recently told me about this interesting place. It is a building that was made to resemble the witch's hut from the famous Hansel & Gretel story. You can visit and tour this building and at certain times you can even sit inside and hear the Hansel & Gretel story, as well as other folktales. For more information click here.

21.  Pickerel Cheeks and Smoked Goldeye - Manitoba is known for its delicious fish. I want to try two of them - pickerel cheeks and smoked goldeye. I am not sure where the best restaurants are to try them, do you have any suggestions? One place I have found that serves pickerel cheeks is Fusion Grill, a Winnipeg restaurant specializing in original prairie cuisine. Sounds delicious to me. For more information on Fusion Grill click here.

22.  Pisew Falls - This is a provincial park located in northern Manitoba near Thompson. Many people have told me the waterfalls are stunning and that there is great, challenging hiking. I want to check it out for myself. For more information click here.

23.  Asessippi River Tubing - Tubing down the Shell Valley River on a beautiful summer day sounds like a great way to experience Manitoba. The tubing experience takes about 1.5 hours and there is a bus to transport you. It is part of the Asessippi Ski Area and Resort. For more information click here.

24.  Festival du Voyageur - This is a 10 day festival celebrating snow and spirit in Winnipeg's French Quarter. Activities include everything from snowshoeing to sleigh rides to music to snow forts to metis beading workshops. Food, fun, and history all in the cold winter air. For more information click here.

25.  Fossil Dig - Have you ever wanted to participate in a real fossil dig? You can in Morden, Manitoba. There are 30 active dig sites and you are able to spend anywhere from a half day to five days participating in the fossil dig. For more information click here.

So there you have it - these are the types of things I will be exploring in my spare time in Manitoba. What is on your Manitoba bucket list?