The earth without art is just eh. ~ Unknown

I never considered myself an artist. I enjoy creating things but usually choose other means of creativity to express myself. Yet art has always intrigued me. I have often thought I would like to take an art class but I was too afraid. I always felt I didn’t have the natural skills to create a pretty piece worthy to hang on a wall. I decided it was time to challenge that view of myself and try something new. I noticed an advertisement for a Zendoodling Art Class that was being held at the Watson Art Centre in Dauphin. The class description claimed I didn’t need any special skills and that if I could write my name then I could create a zendoodle. It sounded like the perfect art class for a beginner and I quickly signed up.

When I arrived at the Watson Art Centre I was greeted by a familiar face, Jan Jenkins, a local artist. I was pleased to discover she would be teaching the zendoodling art class as she has such a welcoming and supportive personality. People began to trickle in to the class, a mixture of old and young, male and female, established artists and beginners. Jan went over the basics, describing how zendoodling is simply an abstract drawing created by using repetitive patterns. She demonstrated some basic zendoodling techniques and supplies and encouraged us to let go of any pre-conceived notions and to tap into our creative part of our brain. After a quick break we were ready to start our own zendoodle. Quiet music played while we let our doodles guide us in our new artwork. The techniques were surprisingly quite easy and it didn’t take long for myself and my classmates to create some interesting pieces of artwork.

The day after my zendoodling class I wanted more, I was officially hooked on zendoodling. I found a quiet spot in my house and I sat down and practiced the techniques and information I had learned in the class. I think my zendoodle “Sunny Daze” turned out pretty decent considering I am a beginner artist. I can’t wait to see what I come up with next!

If you are interested in taking an art class in Dauphin please visit the Watson Art Centre at www.watsonartcentre.com for more information. If I can create a piece of art, so can you!